17 hilarious National Pet Day memes you have to send to your BFF

April 11th is the best day of the entire year. It’s National Pet Day, and we’ve already started the party. Not only have we posted numerous pictures of our pets on social media, but we’ve baked our dog a special dog treat cake, prepared a delicious tuna dinner for our cat, and said, “Happy National Pet Day” to our fish, because how can you really treat a fish?

To continue our crusade of spreading National Pet Day cheer, we’ve chosen 17 of our favorite pet memes to share with the world, and we hope you do the same. After having a good laugh at the silliness below, take a moment to see how you can make an impact on animals’ lives outside of your own home. Check out the ASPCA website as well as the Human Society’s website to see how you can donate or volunteer time to help save animals and fight against animal abuse and neglect. You can also donate time, funds, or pet supplies to your local shelter.

Our pets don’t realize how funny they really are. We’re glad we have them to brighten our days and give us a good laugh when they’re just being their goofy selves.

1Is that a yes? We can’t tell.

2You understand, don’t you?

3You know the old saying: “It’s so hot you can melt a cat on the sidewalk.”

4You literally turn into this colonial corgi.

5You did not listen.

6Look it up.

7Not all goats are GOATs, if you catch our drift.


9Watch out! We’ve heard they bite.

10Hey, at least we tried. Right?

11Foolish feline.

12Wow, such a shame.

13Best friends fur-ever.

14A dog after our own heart.

15Proof that cats cannot be trusted.


17…but no one else is laughing.

We hope you and your goofball pet have an excellent National Pet Day.

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