17 hilarious images only women with long hair will understand

Long hair is one of life’s beautiful burdens and any woman who’s ever had a luscious mane will totally understand what we mean. Sometimes the struggle gets all too real, but we can’t help and laugh, because what’s the point of having long hair if you can’t have a little giggle along the way!

1. Like when your hair manages to get in the most unexpected places.


2. Which is something you’ve been dealing with since childhood.


3. When braiding your own hair proves far harder than braiding someone else’s.


4. When you go through this struggle on what feels like a daily basis.


5. When you have to make your own hair-washing guidelines.

6. When you always end up with an extra chore after a shower.

7. How true you know this really is.


8. When you knew your hair was strong, but not THAT strong.


9. When you got this ~prize~ after spending 45 minutes unknotting your hair.


10. When your hair decides it’s hungry/thirsty, too.

11. When your hair photobombs you over a beautiful landscape…


12. …or on a boat…


13. …or basically ANYWHERE outdoors.

14. When your hair is unwilling to let you do your work.

15. When vacuuming proves to be extra hard in your house.

16. When you were seriously impressed at how much LIGHTER your head felt after a haircut.

17. And finally, knowing how precious the littlest things in life truly are.

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