We totally want to be passengers on this hilarious flight attendant’s next trip out

Anyone who’s been on an airplane, like, more than once, knows how repetitive those in-flight safety instructions get. Yes, they are super-duper, life-or-death important and you absolutely have to put down whatever you’re doing and listen so you can know the protocol for oxygen masks (yours first!) or what’s so special about your seat cushion (it’s a flotation device!) But you hear the same thing over and over and over again and it’s totally normal to have ALL the ants in your pants during the safety lecture.

That’s why we REALLY want to get seats on one of Canadian budget airline WestJet’s flights, or, more specifically, we want to get on the flight of this HILARIOUS steward, whose safety instructions video has gone mega-viral (the video, posted to Facebook, has, as of this writing, racked up almost seven million views since it was posted on August 1st).

The safety instructions are read by a recording in French, but it’s totally cool if you don’t parlez-vous francais, this class-clown of a flight attendant 100% gets the message across with his awesomely over-the-top miming skills. Also, this dude has dance moves for days!

Okay, enough ramp-up, it’s time for you to see the magic for yourselves, video time! Below, the vid one SUPER happy passenger posted on Facebook.