12 Hilarious convos between moms and daughters about “The Bachelor

Ever since the dawn of The Bachelor, mothers and daughters the world over have been bonding harder than they have ever bonded before. No show (‘cept maybe Season 1 of American Idol) has united women and their children around the television to bond while watching a man have sex with a variety of women.  But when girls and their moms aren’t bonding over true televised love, they are sending each other hilarious texts about it.

1. Someone is NOT happy for Lauren B, like AT ALL.

2. Mom wants her daughter to audition and become the “villain” on the show #MomGoals

3. Don’t do it, girl.

4. This mom and daughter duo are watching The Bachelor in different rooms IN THE SAME HOUSE!

5. Two words. SLIME. DOG.

6. “I think Lauren wears a hair weave.”

7. This mom is basically pitching the show to her daughter who is having NONE of it.

8. OMG please do not drown yourself over Ben!

9. Bachelor predictions or Fan Fic?

10. Can we get #dirtyrat to trend?

11. When DAD gets involved!

12. If you spoil the ending of The Bachelor for your mom, she might stop speaking to you.

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