Hilarious and clever Halloween costume ideas for the person who hates wearing costumes

We get it: not all of us love Halloween. For some, Halloween is just another headache. You have to dress up and pass out candy to kids who usually forget to say “thank you?” Pass.

Never fear, we’ve got you covered. If you still want to attend a costume-required party but don’t want to put in any real effort or money, below are ten Halloween costumes that even the biggest Halloween scrooge can appreciate:

1. Stick Figure

The less artistic among us claim we can only draw stick figures. Well, this stick figure costume (made easily with the help of black tape and white clothes) is a work of art.

2. Pumpkin Pi

Who doesn’t love a good pun? You can be clever and festive with this costume. Similar to the punctuation mark costume above, all this requires is a shirt of a certain orange shade and the symbol for pi.  (Those of you who want to spend a tad more effort can add some vines for effect.) Math nerds will particularly appreciate this pun.

3. Bulletin board


All this requires is a shirt with a bunch of post-it notes stuck all over it! You can even write fun things on the post-it notes for added humor and commentary.

4. Tourist

All this costume requires is a camera, a fanny pack, and shorts. Maybe a map or a Hawaiian shirt if you really want to commit (and we hope you do).

5. 404 Error


This is perhaps the most relatable costume, as all of us have seen this error at one point or another and shrieked in annoyance.

5. Facebook


This one doesn’t even require certain clothing—just the willingness to write on your face.

6. Risky Business

This classic Tom Cruise movie can easily get a rerun as an easy Halloween costume: Only shades and a long sleeved white dress shirt (and an excellent sense of humor) needed.

7. Punctuation mark

This one is so easy—all it requires is your ability to draw an exclamation mark or some quotation marks on a white t-shirt. For extra bonus points, try cutting the punctuation mark out of black felt and gluing it on your shirt. Plus, it makes you look like you’re a fan of grammar, which, if you’re wearing this shirt, you likely are.

8. Nickelback

Only music aficionados will get this pun. But maybe that’s exactly the way you want it.

9. Ghost

An oldie and a goodie. You just have to be willing to dirty a white sheet.

10. Rosie the Riveter


All you need is a chambray shirt (sleeves rolled up), bright red lipstick and maching red head scarf and you can be this famous symbol of patriotism.

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