Here’s a hilarious and totally accurate chart that takes down bikini body shaming

Look, we love summer, sun, and a cute bikini, and all of these warm-weather artifacts are bearing down on us at an impressive speed in 2016. But we are definitely dreading the deluge of #fitspo and #bikinibod posts that are surely coming down the Instagram pipeline. Can this maybe be the year where we all decide that we’re okay with how we look?

So when we found this hilarious chart on Imgur, we couldn’t help but say YAS.

This chart gets us. It pokes fun at traditional magazine speak that talks about dressing for your shape and getting a bikini body by stating what should be totally obvious: We are all ONE shape, and that is human. And also, any body wearing a bikini is technically a bikini body. The term doesn’t and shouldn’t refer to any particular body size, or gender, for that matter.

ATTN recently brought our, well, attention to the letter that Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Amy Keller Laird penned to the term “bikini body” — once a popular phrase on basically every magazine cover that caters to women. As its 2016 New Year’s resolution, the magazine promised to ban “bikini body” and certain body-shaming phrases from its lexicon.

Good for you, Ms. Keller. The time has clearly come for us to stop dictating what adult women decide to wear, at the beach, the pool, or just about anywhere. We can only hope that this trend spreads to other supposedly image-enhancing magazines and sites so we can move out of this body-shaming age once and for all. For now, we’ll see you at the beach, wearing whatever we gosh-darn please.

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