10 hilarious celeb tweets every mom can relate to

It’s both a good thing and a bad thing that our moms didn’t have access to Twitter when we were young — good, because if our mom happened to be an oversharer, we’d have a timeline of embarrassment to look back on as we grew older. Bad, since if our mom happens to be incredibly funny, we’d miss out on a lot of funny one-liners and observations regarding our first few years. Luckily, celebrities typically have both a decent sense of humor, as well as enough Twitter sense, making their feeds especially fun and relatable.

Even though yesterday was Mother’s Day, these tweets from celeb moms will NEVER get old. And they hilarious prove that motherhood is a full-time job that requires a good laugh every now and then. false

Chrissy Teigen just gave birth to baby Luna a few weeks ago, and has already decided to poke fun at the motherhood experience. Obviously Chrissy got asked the question of “How’s baby Luna?” quite a lot — even though Luna has already made her debut all over her social media accounts— thus this sarcastic response was pretty much perfect. false

Anna Faris knows that with kids, repetition is key. Her son Jack obviously has no problem seeing the same exhibit time and time again. For those of you who are tired of watching the same exact episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood time and time again, know that Anna Faris feels you. She knows the pain. false

Like many fun parents, our girl Zooey decided on little Elsie’s future career shortly after she was born. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Elsie’s name on the ballot someday. false

Carrie Underwood doesn’t believe in waste, so she makes sure to help her son Isaiah clean his plate after every meal. I’m sure Moms everywhere can relate. false

Olivia Wilde is constantly funny, so when she tweets about her son, it’s almost always a joy. And while Otis might be the perfect visual birth control, I’m sure those traveling teens will notice that despite the screams, he’s a pretty adorable kid. false

Kristen Bell is an amazing Mom, and one of the funniest people on Twitter. As she was livetweeting her show House Of Lies, she made note of the size of her chest, giving credit to her daughters, Lincoln and Delta, for her “girls,” so to speak. false

The lovely Ms. Tyra Banks welcomed baby York to the world earlier this year. And as someone known for multitasking, the new arrival definitely threw her for a loop. (Tyra clarified later that York’s Dad took over with feeding while Tyra, still unshowered, took a breather to enjoy some coffee.) false

Angela Kinsey is a smart lady, but sometimes instructions can be… well, darn near impossible. It makes sense that she wanted to post her success all over social media. false

We might know Mel B best as Scary Spice, but these days, her main role is “Mom.” Her look of disbelief at her two sleeping children in the backseat is absolutely amazing. I’ve seen that look many, many times before. false

Oh, the joys of being a passenger. One day Christina Applegate’s daughter Sadie will be behind the wheel herself, and understand how it’s important to always keep your eyes on the road.

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