Hilaria Baldwin is fighting back against her pregnancy photo haters on Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin, yogi extraordinaire and wife of Alex Baldwin, is once again documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, but some Instagram users are not having it.

Now in her third pregnancy, Hilaria has been posting no shortage of photos of her baby belly, but some people are hating on her for being too perfect.

This post in particular received lots of comments questioning her authenticity, so Hilaria decided to fire back. She calls out some of the hateful words and phrases that commenters have left on her photo, including “shameless,” “perfectly puckered,” “pretend to be perfect,” and “not real.”

The comment in question appears to be this one: “I love me some Hilaria, but come on, being perfectly puckered in every frame is not real,” one follower wrote. “It shows like yet another perfectly shameless IG post. You’re just someone who doesn’t need to pretend to be perfect bc, hate to say, you’re damn near.”

Hilaria wrote a (lengthy) Instagram caption in response, saying that she has accepted how she looks and really, that’s all that matters.

Props to Hilaria for standing up to the haters and promoting body acceptance — pregnant or not! Her third baby with husband Alec is due this fall.

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