This hijabi beauty Instagrammer’s “Halal-ey Quinn” Halloween costume is pretty amazing

It seems like pretty much everybody is dressing up like Harley Quinn for Halloween this year. To be fair, the comic book character is a fan favorite no matter what, especially given her complex and complicated history and personality. The release of the Suicide Squad movie only amped up how much people love her. And let’s be real: Her costume isn’t that hard to put together at home, either. And who doesn’t like a cheap and easy Halloween costume?

One Instagrammer took her Harley Quinn costume to the next level and we absolutely love it. As Kelsey Garcia reports at PopSugar, Instagram makeup artist Nora shared her awesome interpretation of Harley Quinn for this year’s Halloween.

In a caption, Nora writes, “When you try to be harley quin [sic] for Halloween and you realize you wear a hijab.” As we know, Harley Quinn is typically depicted with her hair in two pigtails, one-half red, one-half blue. In order to make the costume work for her, Nora simply uses two hijabs to recreate the split of blue and red. Genius!

And, as you can see above, her makeup is one hundred percent on point. And the makeup artist has an awesome sense of humor, to boot. As Garcia points out, “Nora also ended up sharing the finished look on Imgur with a cheeky caption that read, “I wear a hijab and this is my Halloween make-up for this year calling it ‘Halal-ey Quinn.’”

Ha! We love your amazing skills, Nora!