This high-tech Tostitos bag tells you if you’re drunk

As people prepare party festivities for the Super Bowl, it’s important to remember to enjoy the game safely. While drinking socially can be really fun, it’s never safe to drink and drive. But luckily for all of us, technology has made it easier to still stay responsible even if you’re drunk.

That’s why Tostitos has created chip bags that double as breathalyzer tests.

According to USA Today, the snack company will give away about a thousand of these high-tech bags to some lucky people. The bag has an Iron Man-style glowing circle on the front. That circle changes colors if the censor at the top of the bag detects any alcohol. It’s actually pretty cool to see in action.

The bag transforms from a bright glowing blue to a dark red when alcohol is present.

A message on the bag reminds you not to drink and drive.

And, according to AdWeek, special technology also allows you to tap the bag with your phone to automatically call a designated driver. Thanks to a partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber, this bag basically takes all the guesswork out of being safe while enjoying a some drinks.

Of course, with the upcoming Super Bowl (and Puppy Bowl, obviously), Tostitos is hoping people will take advantage of their new technology.

It’s awesome Tostitos and its partners have found a way to make sure people can stay safe while having fun.

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