These high-tech dog houses will completely change the way you walk your pup

Good news, dog lovers! A startup company called Dog Parker has just come up with a genius solution to leaving your dog outside when you run errands –these incredibly high-tech dog houses you can rent! It might sound weird, but it is totally useful. Think about it: this has been a conundrum bothering dog walkers forever! You’re walking your dog and running errands when you’re suddenly faced with the decision of leaving your dog outside the story or forgoing the errand. You need to get your to-do list done, but no one wants to leave their adorable friend tied up outside on the street.

Well this is no longer an issue, all thanks to the help of Dog Parker dog houses!

Dog Parker is setting up 100 units over the next three months in Brooklyn, so get excited, NYC-based dog parents!

The ‘dog parkers’ are high-tech dog houses equipped with an air-cooling system that will make sure Fido has fresh air.  They also feature wifi and a webcam that you can access through your phone if you want to check up on your pup. One more awesome feature? UV lights to auto-sanitize in between uses, so you won’t have to worry about any diseases or parasites from other dogs using the unit before yours.

You can either get a yearly pass to Dog Parker for $20 a year, or pay-as-you-go at 20 cents per minute. All in all, it sounds like an amazing deal! Even better, Dog Parker has been setting up houses in areas of Brooklyn where there have been some dog thefts in the past, so you can rest easy knowing that your pooch is safe and secure while you take care of your errands!

So what do you think? Would you use Dog Parker? Is this the future of dog walking, or is it just another quirky service in Brooklyn? If it takes off, here’s to hoping it expands! We bet a lot of people across the country would love to be a part of Dog Parker!