The High Sparrow is still rockin’ his “Game of Thrones” gown outside the show, FYI

From the first time we met the High Sparrow – when he was waxing philosophy back and forth with Cersei –  to the very last moment we saw him – going out with a bang – this humble (kinda?) man never changed.


Any Game of Thrones fan will know that the High Sparrow was very set in his ways, and there was NOTHING that could stop him, not even Jaime and his majestic horse-riding skills.


And while we won’t be seeing the High Sparrow ever again on Thrones (probably, anyway), his IRL counterpart, Jonathan Pryce, is keeping the ~look~ alive.

Check out this awesome photo of Pryce from just a couple days ago.

The images are actually from Pryce’s current project, Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, which is going on right now at Lincoln Center in New York.


Pryce leads the cast in the main role of “Shylock.”

Did JP bring his High Sparrow costume over for this production?

We kid, we kid, obviously this is just coincidental costume designing, but it’s pretty crazy how similar it is.


Man, JP is one lucky actor…we wouldn’t mind having to wear what looks like a cozy pajama gown all day long, either!

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