This high schooler’s senior portraits are going so bonkers viral, even celebs are noticing

Readers, think back to your high school senior portraits. Were you wearing frosted lip gloss? A dusting of shimmery silver eye shadow, perhaps? We’re willing to bet your highlight wasn’t poppin’, nor was it on fleek.

Well, James Charles, a 17-year-old high school student from New York, recently took — and then retook — his senior picture to make absolutely certain that his highlight got the respect it deserves.

Back in August, Charles — who is a beauty vlogger of the highest order — dragged himself out of bed at 7 am to get glammed up for his senior portrait.

Werk it, honey.

But unfortunately, after seeing a proof of his first yearbook photo, he realized that “the lighting in the room was bad and my highlight was NOT on fleek,” he told Mashable.

That’s when things got serious. Charles contacted the photo studio that took his initial portrait and booked himself another session.

But to make sure that his highlight popped, he brought his secret weapon: a ring light.

I do love being extra,” Charles told BuzzFeed. “I’m actually a pretty reserved person, I promise. When I say I’m extra it usually just comes to my makeup looks being extravagant, and I’m also never afraid to drag a local boy when he’s being rude on Twitter.

And just like that, “I love being extra” became everyone’s new motto.

Charles’ new photo instantly went viral, and even captured the attention of actress/goddess Zendaya.

Charles responded exactly as you’d expect:

I think it’s safe to say the expression “SLAY QUEEN” was invented for this kid.

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