High School Through the Eyes of a Teenage Girl

So far in my life, high school has been one of the toughest things to go through.  Whether your dealing with your friends, family, or yourself, I think most people (or girls) can relate to me in that high school is hard.  The sad part about this whole experience is that it just started.  I am in my second month of 9th grade and am already feeling like it won’t end.  While it is an unpleasant period in a teenagers life, I do believe that it gets better.

I am lucky in that I do have a few core best friends that I know will always be there for me, and my advice is that however hard things may get, you always have to keep a strong relationship with your best friends.  But as people and your friends get older, they change.  That’s not a bad thing because so do you, think back two years ago and remember what you looked like, what you dressed like, and what your interests were.  Of course you are not exactly the same, and change isn’t bad!  I have seen many girls try and change who they are so that they can “fit in” with a certain type of crowd, this is the bad kind of change.

Specifically this year, exclusion has been a huge factor in the pain of high school.  Sometimes when I go to eat lunch there is an open table where me and my closest friends sit, but sometimes everyone is already at a table and there is no room for me.  The awful part is that no one will make an effort to move over or sit with me at another table.  After being “rejected” at the table, one of my closest friends came over and sat down with me.  Moments like these don’t seem to be a big deal at the time, but the impact is so great because it really shows who you can trust and who is there for you.

In case things get terribly bad I suggest that you use some of these tips to help you get through your struggles.

  1. Play a sport!  It’s always a good idea to express anger or frustration through physical activity.  For example, I love playing volleyball.
  2. Be artistic, everyone has creativity and imagination in their minds, put your talents to use with music, photography, or even just sketching.
  3. Try helping others!  Are there any local animal or homeless shelters near you?  Helping someone else can really make you feel better about yourself, especially those who have fewer privileges than you.  At my school we have bake sales for different charities and causes, you could start a great sale to raise money for a charity you’re interested in.
  4. And lastly is family, I am super close with my mom, dad, and brothers, and I think being close with your family is the most important thing because they are always there for you.

If you are having a rough time right now, its okay because I am sure so many other girls are too.  Just take baby steps, and it will get better!



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