These high school teachers had an awesome ’80s surprise for grads

Who says pomp and circumstance has to be quiet and regal? Why not badass, rocker, and ULTRA ’80s? That’s what we’re asking after seeing a super awesome video making its rounds on the interwebz featuring the staff at Salisbury Composite High School.

The video was shown at graduation and features faculty and staff rocking out around the school, dressed in ’80s garb, dancing and lip-syncing to 10-second clips of various iconic songs of the decade. And it is seriously the best thing ever.

“We just wanted it to be something memorable for the students, something fun the staff did for them,”  assistant principal Jeff Spady explained to Sherwood Park News. “I think we accomplished that because of the response from our students. We kept this completely quiet from [them], because we wanted the first time it was shown to be during our grad ceremony [in mid-May], so it was very hush-hush.”

The result? The BEST SURPRISE EVER. The video, which started out with the staff piling out of a bus (and, of course, the opening chords of “Don’t Stop Believin’), was nothing short of perfect.

“The ‘Happy’ [song by Pharell Williams] video we did last year had about 12,000 views in a year, but this one blew up on YouTube and Facebook,” Principal Spady told Sherwood Park News of the video’s recent online success. “We were interviewed. . . and major radio stations have put it on their Facebook page, so the response has blown up far above what we were expecting.”

Since being posted in mid-May, the video has received almost 100,000 views, and for good reason. Can you imagine seeing all YOUR teachers totally letting loose, decked out like ’80s metal superstars?

The process for making the video began in January. “About six of us would meet on a regular basis, and once we had our structure, we decided on the types of songs we wanted, and there was a lot of discussion (around that),” Principal Spady explained to Sherwood Park News.

Then, when the group picked the songs, they chose several seconds of each song. “Once we had that down, we put it into an order and storyboarded the whole thing so that we kind of had an idea as to which song matched with what area of the school,” Principal Spady continued. “Once that was done, we sent the order of the songs and the specific parts of the songs to DJ Quake, and he broke it down into a hip beat, and put the soundtrack together like that.”

The video was then produced by a company called Orange Fountain, who filmed it in March.

“The music is pretty catchy, and the ’80s resonates with a lot of people because it was a pretty fun time,” Spady explained. “It’s a bunch of teachers dressed up in some pretty funny costumes having fun, so I think all of that combined to make it something original and fun to watch.”

Original and fun to watch, indeed. We’re going to have all of these songs stuck in our head for ages, and we seriously love how super cool these teachers are. . . and how far they’re willing to go to make their graduates smile.

Check out the full video below, and prepare to ROCK OUT.