This high school softball player just became a Vine superstar with one shot

What better way to begin the new school year than by going viral on Vine? While everyone else was stocking up on binders and picking out their pencil cases, high school junior Marisa Arriaga was practicing some epic batting skills.

Marisa, a super-talented softball player from Cedar Hill, Texas, decided to show off a new trick she learned on social media. Note: She doesn’t just hit the ball, she absolutely blows it away. First, she kicks the bat into one hand before bouncing it into the other, kicking the ball off of its stand and hitting a home run, all in one fluid motion. She basically raises the bar for the entire game in a matter of five seconds. See for yourself:

I mean, come on, that’s awesome. And we’re so not the only ones who think so. Marisa’s footage has blown away the Internet.

As of right now, the video has over 14 million loops on Vine, and on Marisa’s Twitter, where it was originally posted, it’s racked up over 9,000 retweets and 12,000 favorites. Everyone from Time to Esquire have posted the Vine vid. Now, she’s being flooded with requests for interviews, because she is bomb. In fact, she retweeted a clip from a local news interview she did this morning. In it, she talks about how she learned the softball trick and the challenges to trying it out.

If her Vine video is any indication, she should have a big year ahead. Marisa has already earned recognition as a softball player on her nationally ranked high school team. Now, with college application season just around the corner, I’m sure universities would love to add such a cool lady to their teams. In fact, she’s already fielding questions on the Internet about where she wants to go to college. For the record, she’s only a junior, so she’s got some time to decide.

Best of luck to Marisa! Remember us when you’ve made it big time!

(Image via Vine)


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