These high school students found something horrific on their school computer. So they staged a walk-out

On Wednesday night, Berkeley High School’s Black Student Union tweeted a disturbing shot of an image found on the library homepage on one of the school’s computers. Because the language of this piece was so unsettling, we will not be posting a shot of the image in this piece, but it’s linked here, and for those who choose not to click, it’s enough to say that the violently-worded message drops f-bombs, makes copious use of the n-word, praises the KKK, and threaten the black community of the school with a “public lynching.”

An hour after the BSU tweeted the photo of the library computer’s screen, the organization issued a statement on the matter, in which they stated the following:

So, this morning, around 800 Berkeley High students staged a walkout in protest of their administration’s mishandling of the aforementioned situations. As Fusion reports, students filled the streets in front of their school, fists raised, chanting “Black Lives Matter.”

Mark Copeland, a spokesperson for Berkeley Unified School District told Fusion that the high school, with the help of local law enforcement, was launching a “very strong investigation” into this threatening message. “We’re dealing with the pain and suffering of our students and staff, who are really struggling with this,” Coplan said. “We’re a community that doesn’t put up with this behavior.”

We are so glad that this student body united to take a stand against these hateful threats, and we hope the administration and law enforcement get to the bottom of who was behind these threats soon for the security and well-being of the community.

(Image via Twitter)