These high school dudes perfectly recreated the ‘Mean Girls’ ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ scene

Kids these days, with their crazy tunes and their subversive feminist film homages, am I right?

A fearless group of high school dudes from Levacas High School in Arkansas gave a little extra oomph to holiday spirit this year. The quartet gave an on-point (if not necessarily on-pitch) reproduction of the famed scene from Mean Girls,  where Lindsay Lohan saves the day after a disaster in the middle of a performance of perky holiday anthem “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Here’s the original, for reference:

With swaying hip motions and arm extensions that would likely make Nigel Lithgow proud, the four guys give their all to the performance- because once you convince a group of high school guys to do Mean Girls cosplay, you can get them to agree to just about anything.

Check out the video:

But wait! There’s more! While these four are getting the viral attention they so rightly deserve, they are not the first to tread the halls that Regina George paved.  Would you believe that there are more guys who have had the exact same idea?

We’d like to give mad props to their props- that version of a “boom box” down in front really gives the sketch some context.

But, WAIT!! What’s that you say, Thor?

Okay, if the God of Thunder commands it…

This group gets particular recognition for their outfit choice. They decided to skip out on the controversial issue of drag- after all, shouldn’t we be past giggling at that now?- and opt for white trimmed basketball shorts with some serious shine. Also, excellent pratfall. Also, where are any of these guys finding boomboxes in this decade?

Well, high school boys of the world, we are impressed. Whether you choose to go full replica costumes, cop out on the archaic music-listening technology, or accept knee bruises in the pursuit of your art, you’re winning this Christmas thing. Next year, may we suggest a re-make of Keira Knightly’s wedding scene in Love, Actually?

(Image via Paramount Pictures)

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