People are throwing their phones in the air to capture high-fiving themselves

It’s time to step up your selfie game, everyone. Though the days of the Selfie Olympics are long gone, we’ve seen some pretty amazing selfie trends, with or without a selfie stick. From selfie stick martial arts to the self-love selfie, it’s a trend that we either hate to love or love to hate.


Thankfully, one Twitter user inadvertently began the latest trend. And no, it won’t affect your selfie elbow in any way.

The trend is throwing your phone in the air so you can high-five yourself.

Sounds weird, right?

According to Cosmo, Seth Schneider did not use the timer function on his phone to get the now iconic shot, but tossed his phone in the air after hitting the capture button. The tweet quickly spawned more users attempting to take the shot, which is a lot harder than it looks.

Seth had some time on his hands while waiting for Hurricane Matthew to pass, but if you have some free time to kill, go for it! However, don’t @ Seth about your broken screen. His bio now includes the disclaimer, “I am not responsible for broken phones,” which has led to some participants in the trend laying down pillows to save their devices. false

We’re not sure we’re gonna take this shot, but we’re looking forward to seeing how people put their own twist on this!

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