Did you catch the hidden scene on last night’s ‘Walking Dead’?

Last night was the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, and without getting too spoilery, we can’t blame you if you were totally reeling. But if you tuned out as soon as the episode was over, you missed what might have been one of the most important scenes of the entire episode, setting up the second half of the season. Spoilers ahead!

The first commercial after Into the Badlands (ugh, AMC, really?)shows a two-minute scene of the next TWD episode. It opened on Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl driving down an abandoned highway. Or so they thought, because pretty soon they are forced to stop for a gang of bikers in the middle of the road. The men’s leader, who goes unnamed, demands that they give up their weapons. Even though he doesn’t look too bothered or upset, the man is super intense. What’s more, it looks like this is The Saviors, the gang led by Negan, who will be joining the cast in the season’s second half and will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

If this surprise scene, dubbed the “prologue to the next chapter,” is any indication of what’s to come for our beloved characters, it doesn’t bode well. Check it out below, and then get ready for The Walking Dead to return on February 14th.

(Image via AMC)