If you liked the Hidden Panda, you’ll love this optical illusion (which also has a hidden panda)

Hidden Pandas and their Hidden friends have taken over the Internet. It’s like an Internet-wide game of hide-and-seek where animals just won’t stop hiding. They’ve been spotted in a group of heavy metal fans, another panda was seen hiding in a sea of Storm Troopers, a cat was found hiding among a bunch of owls and a stuffed panda was spotted hiding in a crowd of 1970s Junior Achievers.

But why is this happening to us? We have web comic artist and illustrator Gergely Dudás to thank/blame. Because since he released the first Hidden Panda Where’s Waldo style puzzle and the follow-up cat/owl puzzle, a slew of other similar puzzles have been released, causing sheer happiness and/or panic among the people of the Internet.

Because who can work or get anything accomplished when there are pandas and other adorable animals to find? If wedon’t find them, WHO WILL?

Well, one more Hidden Panda puzzle has been released, except this time it’s a different type of puzzle. Artist Ilja Klemencov has created an optical illusion that is hiding a… yep, you guessed it… panda.

This one is a little more hurty on the eyes and the brain, but if you were able to master Magic Eye as a kid, it shouldn’t be toooooo hard. Nauseating? Yes.

If you’re having trouble seeing the panda, two tricks might help. Try stepping back from your computer screen or simply scroll up and down.

Did you see it?

If you did, you win! But let’s be real — the real winners are the people who can see the panda without getting dizzy or feeling super nauseous.

(Image via Imgur)