There’s a hidden message in this “American Horror Story” trailer and we just decoded it

Okay. Let’s just call this what it is: I’m very obsessed with American Horror Story, and I’m even more obsessed with trying to figure out the theme of this season before anyone else. So far…I’m not doing a good job with the latter, because literally, I have no idea what’s going to happen. At all. It could be any one of the six ~confirmed~ theories to choose from, but all of them look pretty good, and yes, I’ll watch all of them.

It’s safe to say that I have spent A LOT of time over the past few weeks watching, and rewatching, these quick promos. There are so many of them right now, it’s hard to differentiate one from the other, let alone pick specific things out. So no, I don’t really know how this caught my eye, but it did. Suddenly, I noticed that there was ~mysterious writing~ in the corn field trailer from Thursday night. 


And then I realized it just wasn’t writing, it was Wingdings 3, the same font I just used to make this gif with the giant arrows.


And since, at the time, it SEEMED LIKE A REALLY GOOD IDEA TO DECODE THIS, I did. I decoded this hidden message in this AHS promo (and in case you need to know my decoding process, I opened up a new Word document, typed up the entire Wingdings 3 alphabet, and then matched one symbol up to each letter and it took me like a half hour, okay?).

Now, are you..prepared to be underwhelmed?

After painstakingly matching up each Wingdings 3 symbol with a letter, the message reads: What is 6? 


There’s also a lot of 6?6?6?6? in here, too, which we’ve seen a lot of for this upcoming season, along with the premiere date of Sep 14.

So while this code turned out to be a total bust, there might actually be more to this. There may or may not be a code in another promo for the upcoming season, but honestly friends, I cannot decode this for the life of me:


It’s so fast, you might have missed it. But the comment from “~Maggie Roberts~” changes to:


Sure, it just might be completely random letters, and mean nothing more than gibberish. But someone associated with AHS had to make this video and they punched in that string of letters and numbers, so in the end, it might mean something. BUT WHAT, WHO KNOWS?

We’re on to you, AHS. So keep this promos coming. Eventually, I’m going to  figure out what the hell they all mean.