We’re dazzled by these “hidden hair tattoos”

You know us, we LOVE ourselves some hair trends. And as much as we would love to do ALL the crazy things to our hair, we don’t think our locks could handle all the craziness, and, real talk, sometimes our school/work/life situations don’t allow for us to experiment with color and cut in the ways we dream.

That’s why we’re such huge fans of the new “hidden hair” trends, that let us wear our hair down and look like we just have no big deal, shoulder-length hair, but then when we throw our hair up into a messy bun, SURPRISE, it’s a crazy hair party!

At first we saw the hidden hair trend play out with color, aka “underlights,” behold:

And now we’re seeing the same idea play out with a twist on the undercut. Hidden hair tattoos, check it:

  This is amazing, you literally can have two polar opposite looks with the same exact haircut:

  Just pull up your hair every time you want to show that hair tattoo off, #undercutnation

Obsessed with these double buns and now dreaming about what Sailor Moon would have looked like with a #hiddenhairtatttoo:

Oh hey, here’s a flower:

And here’s a star:

And here’s a heart, dawwww:

Looking toward the future, the question, of course, becomes what happens when you’re over your undercut and want to grow your hair out. We asked celebrity stylist and Mane Addicts editorial director Justine Marjan about the grow-out process.

“The grow out is definitely not easy!” Justine told us. “Especially if you have long hair. A lot of girls end up cutting the rest of their hair shorter once they decide to grow out the undercut to make the grow out process easier. Once the hair gets a couple inches long, you can always attach extensions for instant length. In the meantime, supplements for hair growth are key! I suggest Viviscal or Nutriol because when taken regularly, results are definitely seen after only a month!”

Cool, so we got ourselves a game plan, everyone, to the salon, #hiddenhairtattoos for everyone!

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