9 painfully real tweets about the success of “Hidden Figures”

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, just haven’t gone to the movies) over the past few weeks, know that Hidden Figures is dominating the box office, earning $60 million in just 10 days of wide release, and topping the weekend charts two weeks in a row.

This, per Forbes, is a firm reminder that “multiplex-friendly films starring women and about women can make money if you make them and publicize them accordingly,” and that “films about women are not and never were box office poison.”

However, the “can women lead a movie to box office glory?” conversation tends to happen each and every time a female-led studio flick is released — and especially if it fails — since we’re still significantly in the minority when it comes to representation onscreen. (This is especially true for women of color, which is why it’s so exciting that three Black women — Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe — lead Hidden Figures.)

This conversation never happens when movies about white men fail spectacularly, though, as Ben Affleck’s Live By Night and Martin Scorsese’s Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver-led Silence both did over the weekend.

So Twitter has stepped in and started this conversation for Hollywood, Hollywood film critics, and so on and so forth … and it’s a pretty hilarious (but painful) reminder of how crappy the industry can be.

1 True

2 *SIGH*

3 Let’s not hold our breaths

4 Literally, there’s only been one

5 Agree with this sentiment

6 Answer for yourself, Affleck

7 Silver lining

8 Feels good to be ~ winning ~


9 Bye, trucks


Hollywood, take note — the people have spoken with their dollars. And the people want to watch movies that are actually good.