Guys, there’s a hidden backspace function on the iPhone calculator

It’s a familiar situation. You’re out to dinner with your friends. The check arrives, and you, being the designated tip person, whip out your iPhone to do some quick math. That “quick math” turns into an arduous process when your finger slips and you accidentally plug in the wrong number on your iPhone calculator. Not to squeeze lemon on the paper cut, but there’s been a hidden backspace function on the iPhone calculator all along.

Why didn’t Steve Jobs tells us that years ago?

Thanks to CENSORED dialogue on Twitter, our days of iPhone calculating in fear are done! All one must do to fix an error is swipe the numbers, and poof! One by one, they disappear. false

According to Mashable, Lifehacker published an article in 2014 after a Quora user discovered how to backspace in the calculator app. Another online forum suggests that this function has been available to us since 2012!

We’ve been sitting on this information for five years now. Whoops. Our bad!

In fact, that same 2012 forum also gives a hack for copy and pasting within the calculator app. This function might come in handy when you have to remember a number to work into a later equation or insert a number from another app.

Double tap the number area and select copy or paste. Boom! No more writing down numbers to remember them!

We’re all about making our lives as easy as possible — especially when math has to be involved. Thank you, CENSORED dialogue on Twitter, for making us aware (again) of this extremely useful hack. Being the tip person just got a whole lot easier!


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