Hi, Felicia? Ice Cube might be making a fourth “Friday” sequel

DAAAAMMMNNNN! Looks like fans of the movie Friday won’t have to wait long for the fourth installment of the Ice Cube-helmed film franchise to roll around. Word on the street: the cult classic’s writer, producer, and star, Ice Cube, hopes to add another sequel to the series — more than 20 years after the original hit theaters!

It’s true! Well, maybe. Appearing on Orlando’s popular hip-hop radio station, Power 95.3, actor John Witherspoon, who plays Ice Cube’s father in the films, let slip Cube’s possible plans to reboot the smash hit. “Cube said they’re going to do another Friday,Witherspoon told “The Get Up Crew.” He added, “He said he wanted to meet with me this week, but he couldn’t make it, but we’re going to meet next week and get things together.”


But not everyone is feeling the Friday high. Chris Tucker, the perpetually smoked-up Smokey in the first film, passed on reprising his role in the second and third movies and showed little interest when rumors swirled last year of a part four. “I don’t know if we could do another one,” Tucker told Global Grind. “I don’t know if I could do another one because I was so young and it was a moment in time, but we’ll see.”

Even Angela Means, the OG Felicia, dismissed talk of adding a new chapter. “Cube wants to keep going, but people have moved on and the same people aren’t available at the same rate and don’t have the same time or the same inclination,” Means told Vibe in 2015. “It’s not like people are opposed to it, but it’s just the nature of the business, just timing. It’s got to be right.”

But who knows? Maybe they can be convinced. The film franchise has earned a lifetime gross of over $100 million at the box office.

And in the immortal words of Smokey:

Until then, all we can say is: today was a good day.