Hey, Put That Vacuum Down!


Today is National No Housework Day. That’s right–there truly is a day for everything, and today happens to be a great one, especially because it is a Sunday. Let’s be real: everyone feels totally obligated to do a bunch of chores on Sundays because you have spent the whole week (still) not putting your laundry away, washing your dishes, weeding your garden, etcetera, etcetera. But today, I give you permission to put it off for another day! Even if it is Sunday! Come on, you guys, this is a national holiday.

Okay, so here’s what you cannot do today:

  • vacuum
  • wash the dishes
  • wash your laundry
  • dry your laundry
  • put your laundry away
  • mop
  • take the trash out
  • wash the windows
  • fluff the pillows
  • clean the toilet
  • scrub the shower

And here’s what you can:

  • lay in your bed and catch up on a good TV show
  • go to work, if you absolutely must
  • drink mimosas, or hot chocolate, and lots of coffee
  • (but don’t clean the glasses!)
  • turn up Bey super loud and dance to her diva vocals
  • create trash
  • eat popcorn
  • go on a walk, run, jog
  • play hopscotch
  • watch an awesome movie
  • (like Jurassic Park: 3D)
  • paint your nails

Do you guys get it? Okay, I have some other good news. Today is also National Coffee Cake Day, so go to Starbucks and get a piece of cinnamon swirl coffee cake and/or make some of your own.

But don’t wash the dishes afterward!

Happy holidays!

Featured image via Anne Taintor