Hey makeup lovers, you can FINALLY shop Wet n Wild’s Unicorn Glow collection

We can’t begin to count the ways that we love Wet n Wild. What’s not to like? The company makes awesome makeup that’s totally affordable and cruelty-free, and it’s always coming up with something new and exciting. So you can imagine how pumped we are about Wet n Wild’s new Unicorn Glow collection. We’ve been looking forward to this drop for ages, and on Sunday, Wet n Wild finally released the collection exclusively on Ulta’s website.

The rest of the collection will be available on Wet n Wild’s website come Monday, but if you just can’t wait for that Unicorn Glow, head on over to Ulta and see what’s available now. From makeup brushes to mystical highlighters, the collection has everything you’ll need to look and feel downright magical.

Here are all the must-haves from Wet n Wild’s Unicorn Glow collection.

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter


The Unicorn Glow collection has three different shades of highlighters, and to be honest we can’t decide which one we love the most! You can use the colors separately for a striking effect, or mix them together for a thoroughly unexpected beauty experience. They cost $5.99 each, so grabbing all three is definitely an option.

Unicorn Highlighter Brush


You’re going to need some assistance using all these Unicorn Glow products, and this fun brush is the perfect way to apply those highlighters. It costs a mere $4.99 from Ulta, and will make you feel like you’re casting a beautiful spell (even on those days when you’re feeling anything but magical.

Summer In A Box Unicorn Glow


Can’t decide what to get? Now you don’t have to! This delightful collection comes complete with all of the highlighters and the brush. As if that isn’t enough, the Unicorn Glow box comes with three loose pigments as well as two amazing lip colors. You’ll be able to make your entire look a magical one all summer long — and for just $29.99. Ulta is currently out of stock of the box, but don’t panic; they’ll be getting more in soon, so keep an eye on the website!

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