I Know You! Hilarious Past Gigs of the ‘Playing House’ Cast

Do you ever find yourself watching a show or movie and you recognize a cast member from something they previously worked on? How fantastic is that experience? My favorite thing in the world (and my husband’s least favorite thing, I’m sure) is being able to recognize people in TV shows by their previous gigs. It’s kind of a blast. I can’t seem to remember a lick of grade school geography, but celeb resumes? Psh. My brain is hard-wired to kick some serious TV trivia booty.

Playing House (premiering Tuesday, April 29th at 10/9c on USA Network) is not only your soon-to-be favorite show, it’s also a series featuring actors you already know and love. This hilarious story centers around childhood best friends Maggie Caruso (Lennon Parham) and Emma Crawford (Jessica St. Clair), who have shared countless adventures growing up together in the charming town of Pinebrook, CT. Now, Maggie and Emma are in store for one of their biggest adventures — raising a baby. If you enjoy laughter, the folks on this show have already made you giggle. Here’s a little background on the familiar faces of Playing House.

Lennon Parham (Maggie) – Lennon is someone you know, for sure. She’s been all over the TV globe in everything from one of the first episodes of Parks & Rec (she was the first person to object to Leslie building a park on Lot 48!), to Mad Men, to HIMYM and Children’s Hospital, to playing the therapist on Arrested Development!

Jessica St. Clair (Emma) – Jessica is another face you’ve probably seen a million different places. She played the poor wedding dress salesperson from Bridesmaids and also had guest roles on The Office, Parks & Rec, Weeds, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Veep.

Fun fact alert! Lennon and Jessica also created the series, Best Friends Forever, in which they appropriately played besties.

Keegan-Michael Key (Mark) – Probably best known as half of Key and Peele, Keegan-Michael has also been on several of the shows the ladies above have been on, and Reno 911, MADtv, and The Lego Movie!

Jane Kaczmarek (Gwen) – Probably best known for her role on Malcolm in the Middle, this Hollywood veteran has also been in Pleasantville, The Simpsons, Raising the Bar, and Whitney!

Brad Morris (Bruce) – Most recently featured in a recurring role on Cougar Town (Jerry), Bruce has been in Curb Your EnthusiasmThe League, and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Zach Woods (Zach) – GABE LEWIS, y’all! If you’re a fan of The Office, you know this Sabre senior staffer quite well. Zach Woods has lended his comedic chops to many other projects recently, like Veep, The Heat, Kroll Show, and HBO’s latest smash hit – Silicon Valley.

Other familiar faces include: Sandy Martin (Mac’s mom on It’s Always Sunny), Gerry Bednob (from 40 Year-Old Virgin), Andrew Daly (from Eastbound & Down) and more!

Playing House has really pulled together a stellar cast and we can’t wait for the premiere Tuesday, April 29th at 10/9c on USA Network!

All images via USA Network and Shutterstock