Hey Arnold!’s best friend Gerald is a *beautiful* man in real life

Hey Arnold! premiered 22 years ago. Just let that sink in for a sec. The cartoon that’s a key part of our nostalgia was revealed to the world over two decades ago. Not only is that making us feel real old – it’s also making us realize just how much we miss seeing the Hey Arnold! characters on our TV screens. That would explain why we can’t help but take a look at what this show’s voice actors are up to today.

Now, we know that Lane Toran (Arnold’s voice) is a stunning human specimen, but what about Arnold’s BFF Gerald?

Here’s what he looked like as a cartoon character:

And – get ready – this is what Gerald (aka Jamil Walker Smith) looks like in real life:



And it gets even better. Turns out that Jamil and Lane (Gerald and Arnold)  are friends in real life – and they just got together to make a special announcement on Lane’s Instagram:

That’s right! There’s going to be a new Hey Arnold! movie! According to IMDb, it’s called Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and it’s going to be featuring a bunch of the original voice actors.

Alright, back to Jamil:

And one more of this beautiful human for the road:


We’re so glad Gerald’s back.

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