The “Hey Arnold!” movie trailer is here, and everyone’s favorite football head is on a quest to find his lost parents

Have we got a blast of nostalgia for you! The trailer for Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie is here, and we feel like kids again, TBH.

But before we really get into that, we have to point out the one thing about this trailer that’s, like, super alarming to us: They’ve updated the animation since, y’know, times change and all. And we’re fine with that. We’re modern, we’re hip.

But we’re REALLY shocked that it’s now visually clear that Arnold is wearing a flannel shirt under his sweater, rather than a plaid skirt. SOME of us (ahem) went through our childhood assuming Arnold was just way chill and gender fluid. So this is a LITTLE jarring. But back to the movie…

The Jungle Movie will take our fav kiddos from P.S. 118 into the jungle (surprise) in a quest to find out what happened to Arnold’s parents.

We feel like we’ve waited a lifetime to find this out, so we can only imagine how Arnold feels.

Some of the voice cast has changed and, as aforementioned, the animation has been given a definite spiff. But the show’s co-creator Craig Bartlett is on-board for the film. Based on that and the trailer, it looks like we’re going to see something new and different. But at its heart, we’re still getting the football head we all know and love.

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie comes out on Friday, November 24th on Nickelodeon. We can’t wait to give a whole new meaning to Sunday football when we watch this back post-holiday.

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