This is how Arnold, Gerald, and Helga have changed in “Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie”

It’s been many years since Hey Arnold! was a regular part of our lives, and we’ve greatly missed the football-headed, cartoon cool guy. So needless to say, we’ve been very impatiently awaiting Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

The film is supposed to shed some major insight about what happened to Arnold’s parents (a question we’ve had for what feels like forever). The now sixth grade class will follow Arnold to San Lorenzo. If you don’t recall, Arnold had dreamed about an island in the episode “Parents Day.” And basically, this island is the key to finding out about Arnold’s past.

Though the show picks up just one or two years after it left off when it when the series ended in 2004, the characters have updated styles, which BuzzFeed debuted in a first look. (Seriously, the sneaker game is so fierce!)



Arnold still has his signature haircut and while his clothes resemble those we’ve seen before, he’s definitely upped the cool factor.



Helga has some new kicks and some slight changes to her classic, pink ensemble. What hasn’t changed? Her tough-girl attitude, of course!



Gerald swapped his jersey for a hooded sweatshirt, making him a master of streetwear. He also cut his hair a bit.



Phoebe probably changed the most. She’s upgraded her oversized crewneck hoodie to a much, much trendier outfit. A mini skirt and bomber jacket? Girl, you go.

But wait, there’s more. Watch the first look below for additional details:

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie will premiere soon on Nickelodeon — let the countdown begin!