‘Hey Arnold!’ is coming back to us! YASSS

Still wondering about Football Head? Yeah, you and me and everyone else who grew up in the ’90s is, too. But, worry no more, because soon we’ll have an answer as to just whatever happened to Arnold and the rest of the kids from P.S. 118. Hey Arnold! is coming back into our lives, and it’s coming back bigger and presumably better than ever.

Thanks to the recent push in ’90s nostalgia — somewhat spearheaded by Nickelodeon’s “The Splat,” which is currently airing all our favorite ’90s shows — more and more of our favorites from yesteryear are resurfacing.

If you remember Hey Arnold!, the series ended on a cliffhanger (they were planning to turn it swiftly into a movie but that never happened). The final episode of the series had Arnold setting off on an adventure to find his MIA parents in the jungle.

Fast forward a decade, and better late than never, right? According to Variety, there’s now a full-length Hey Arnold! movie in the works that will address that cliffhanger and finally bring us some closure to Arnold and his parents (because I imagine this is still something that keeps you up at night, as you stare through the skylight above your bed).

Craig Bartlett, the creator of Hey Arnold!, was in a meeting with Nick talking about something completely different when the conversation shifted to Arnold, Gerald and Helga, and probably Stoop Kid, too. The show and its characters are still frequently discussed, because NOSTALGIA, so why not bring them back? That’s exactly what’s happening, and Bartlett will serve as writer and executive producer on this new movie. No date as to when it’ll come our way, but it’s coming.

Oh, and that’s not all. The senior vice president of content development for franchise properties (and creator of Pete & Pete) Chris Viscardi also mentioned, “There’s a good likelihood [the network will] be doing more than just Arnold in terms of doing specials.”

Which means we’re one step closer to another one of my dreams: an Angry Beavers movie.

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