Hey ’90s Kids: “The Magic School Bus” is Getting a Reboot

I remember very little of my high school science education, but I do know what it’s like to travel through a person’s digestive system. Why? Because The Magic School Bus was one of my favorite shows as a kid. and I’ll never forget the episode where the entire class travels through the human body on a magical yellow bus. As much as I loved Bill Nye, not even he could get me into science the way this ’90s cartoon could, so I’m thrilled to hear that Netflix has ordered a reboot of the show.

The media site is producing 26 episodes of the updated series, and calling it The Magic School Bus 360 Degrees. Netflix made the move after observing how well the original Magic School Bus series fared on the streaming site. “[T]he old version, is remarkably popular on Netflix,” COO Ted Sarandos, told the New York Times. “It teaches science in a way that transcends generations.” That it does. Here are a few reasons we’re psyched for the new version of the old school series:

There will be CGI animation

Apparently, the show—which is slated for 2016—will have a more contemporary look, thanks to the magic of CGI. I’m all for old school stuff, but it’ll be cool to see how The Magic School Bus looks with a fresh coat of paint.

Ms. Frizzle is getting a makeover

Sources say our favorite teacher will be “modernized,” whatever that means. No word on whether Lily Tomlin will voice the role again, but fans have already started submitting suggestions for her replacement.

The show is getting high-tech

According to Netflix, the reboot will also feature “the latest tech innovations such as robotics, wearables and camera technology to captivate children’s imaginations and motivate their interest in the sciences.” Color me captivated.

We get to see Phoebe again

…Also known as the girl who would never shut up about her old school. Who knows, maybe we’ll hear something about “the old bus” this time around!

We have a fresh way to reminisce about the ’90s

I don’t care for nostalgia overload, but The Magic School Bus represents one of the few positive memories of school that I have, and reliving the series in a new way will bring me right back to the classroom experiences I actually liked.

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