HerUniverse will have designs based on Laura Dern’s character in “The Last Jedi,” and this is all I want in life

Are you wondering where all the Laura Dern merchandise is? Me too. Thankfully, we’re pretty much guaranteed that some is coming, and coming soon, but no, not based off Renata in Big Little Lies (though, that is a GREAT idea if HBO is listening).

With Ms. Dern’s role in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Admiral Amilyn Holdoknow that this holiday season you might find yourself buying one — or, 15 — different Space Dern action figures. Honestly, what a time to be alive. But seeing as how Dern has been a major actress and an empowering figure for women everywhere (which I will say is all due to her line in Jurassic Park, “And women inherit the earth”), how about some themed Laura Dern garb? That’s really what I want, because if I can’t BE Laura Dern, I at least want to dress like her.

Well, have I got some great news for all the Laura Dern enthusiasts out there. While chatting with the rad lady behind HerUniverse, Ashley Eckstein, at San Diego Comic-Con, I couldn’t help but ask if we might see some Dern-inspired threads come Christmas 2017.

The answer: YES.


“Hopefully now we’ll be adding some, but her character was so top secret,” Eckstein explains. “Even us, the licensees, when we started creating our designs [we didn’t know about her character] because we got the style guide back in December of 2016…We actually started designing [for the new movie] then. We didn’t even know about her character, it was so top secret. We found out about her character when the rest of the world did. So, definitely, I plan to design for her, but we’re just now getting information about her character. So hopefully, yeah, lots of designs to come.”

To which I tell Eckstein, “I will buy literally everything related to Laura Dern’s character in Episode VIII.”

“I can’t wait to find out more about her,” Eckstein continues. “First of all, she looks gorgeous. I mean, just more strong female characters in Star Wars is so exciting. I mean, between all the Reys now, and then with Forces of Destiny for Star Wars…my heart just wants to burst when I see [these characters]. What I’m so proud about is our message with HerUniverse from the beginning was not just that this world is for girls. It’s not just for boys, it’s not just for girls, it’s for everyone.”

Everyone, including Laura Dern. Start saving up, because you’re going to have SO MUCH HerUniverse Dern merch to buy.