The new feminist clothing line we’re currently obsessing over

A brand new clothing line has just launched, and it’s super rad. HERstory Apparel was created “to honor the trailblazing women of the past, inspire the amazing women of today and ignite a future generation of girls.” Um, yes. Sign us up!

The fantastically feminist brand carries super-cute women’s and unisex tank tops, t-shirts and muscle tees, along with t-shirts and tanks for youth and toddlers. But HERstory is not just simply a line of tanks and tees — it’s a movement.

Founders Moriah Muse and Jill Beilke came up with the idea for the brand after realizing that countless incredible women have been left out of history books. On HERstory’s Facebook page, they explained, “There were LOTS of amazing women left out of HIStory books. . . that’s why we need HERstory!” We whole-heartedly agree. We asked Muse about the inspiration behind starting the brand, and she told us, “Our history books are filled with one-sided recounts. So many brilliant, remarkable, brave women have been overlooked and ignored. Future generations deserve to learn about these great women in our history. And these women, who have made incredible contributions over the years, deserve to be recognized.” There are so many stories to tell, and Muse and Beilke are telling them in a way that is inspirational and chic — by turning history into wearable stories. “We wanted to shift the conversation and provide women and girls with positive clothing options,” Muse said. “Dream big. Work hard. Understand the world is yours. Women and girls can be strong, fearless and smart. Let’s empower each other. This brand is for every generation of badass women!”

Most of the shirts were inspired by a story — stories most of us have probably never heard, but definitely could use to know. Here’s the story behind this “Fly Girls” shirt:

And this one:

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