Hermione and Katniss just had the rap battle of our dreams

We have mad love for our favorite YA heroines like Katniss and Hermione, and now you can watch them fight — verbally, at least — in the latest Princess Rap Battle that hit the Internet Nov. 18. Whitney Avalon plays Katniss and Molly C. Quinn plays Hermione, with backup standing behind them — Katniss has Gale and Peeta while Hermione has Harry and Ron.

Both ladies creatively chop each other down with their words.

For a taste of what you’ll see, Katniss raps:

Hermione retorts with:

But, of course, it’s all in the performances, so you’ll have to check the masterpiece out for yourself. With over 500,000 hits on YouTube alone, and counting, this video in the Princess Rap Battle series is sure to be a hit like the others.

On deciding which role she would play, actress/rapper/writer/producer and creator (with Steve Gossett), Avalon told us, “We have a huge list of incredible female characters from a variety of genres, and I’m in the fortunate position that I can look through, find cultural touchstones that I’ve always wanted to play, and make it happen.” What a killer job.

Of course, you may remember her other Princess Rap Battles involving other beloved heroines of ours, including Maleficent vs. Daenerys,  Cinderella vs. BelleSnow White vs. Elsa, and Mrs. Claus vs. Mary Poppins. (I can’t decide which one is my favorite.)

When we asked Avalon what advice she’d give to people who want to create their own YouTube videos, she said, “Find something you think is important — whether funny, sad, or thought-provoking, make it something impressive and worthy of others’ time — and put your effort into making a video that really reaches its viewer… If you have a story to tell, use the resources you’ve got (many phones shoot HD video these days and there are thousands of great tutorials online) and tell it.”

We couldn’t have said it — or rapped it — better ourselves.

You can see Hermione and Katniss verbally battle it out here and decide for yourself who wins. (It’s a close call, I’ll tell you that much.)

Images via YouTube

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