Hermione Granger’s house is on the market, so you can live like our favorite witch

Last week, we found out that Harry Potter’s house where he lived with the Dursleys was on the market in England, and we were so excited. Now, another of our favorite characters from the Harry Potter series has a house on the market. Hermione Granger’s childhood house is on sale, and we are feeling really tempted to live like a Harry Potter character.

Hermione Granger’s house from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is on sale in London.

The house is on sale for 2.4 million pounds, or about $3.1 million. The home is a 3-story, 2,490 square foot, 6-bedroom house with historic features. The house is located in the fancy Hampstead Gardens suburb of London, and we really wish we had a pile of gold sitting in Gringotts that we could use to buy this awesome house and move to England.

You’ll remember the house from the touching scene where Hermione obliviated her parents’ memories.


Hermione knew that Lord Voldermort and his Death Eaters might come looking for her, so she erased her memory from their minds, so they could move away and stay safe in case anything happened to her.

You can check out the listing for the house here.

This is just another way to get closer to living out our Harry Potter dreams.

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