15 times Hermione Granger was right about everything

Harry Potter might be the chosen one, but standing right beside him is Hermione Granger, and she’s the smart one. Sure, it was Harry all along who was destined to defeat Lord Voldemort, but he couldn’t have done it without our girl Hermione. She was (and still probably is) one of the smartest wizards of all time, and her quick wits and text-book-binging certainly came in hand on many, many occasions throughout Harry’s journey.

And then there are all the times Hernione had to flat out correct whatever the heck Harry and Ron were doing. Over the course of seven books, she corrects them a lot. She explains things to them a lot. Sometimes it’s big things, sometimes it’s little things, and sometimes it’s just Hermione rolling her eyes. We know you’re the smartest, Hermione. You don’t have to tell us twice.

Here are just a few of the many times over the course of the books that Hermione was 100% right.

1. The first time they met. Hermione walks into the train compartment where Harry and Ron are sitting. Ron’s in the middle of trying to turn Scabbers the Rat yellow. Hermione can’t help herself when she tells Ron,  “Are you sure that’s a real spell? Well, it’s not very good, is it?”

2. It’s levi-o-saaaa. Maybe the best time Hermione has corrected one of the boys. Ron cannot figure out Wingardium Leviosa, and she has to literally spell it out for him. “It’s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the ‘gar’ nice and long.”

3. When Hermione was better at Divination than she realized. Hermione really disliked Divination. She thinks it’s foolish, and not at all what real magic should be. She comments that, “Fortune-telling… is a very imprecise branch of magic,” and makes her distrust of the prophecies known (“I think Divination seems very wooly, a lot of guesswork, if you ask me.”) And hey, guess what? She’s right about the fact that prophecies can be faulty (even though we won’t know she’s right for a few more books).

4. Tom Riddle’s diary. Hermione knew something was written in the diary, even though Ron told her again and again that it was blank. Hermione was like, pishposh, we can find a way to read it and ran it through a gamut of different spells (even though it was really Harry who could later see its contents, Hermione knew it was there all along).

5. All the times Hermione schooled the boys on the fact that they never read Hogwarts, A History. During the third year, she has to tell Ron and Harry that there’s no way Sirius Black can get into Hogwarts, because Hogwarts is enchanted (DUH) and learned that from, Hogwarts, A History. In the fourth year, she has to explain to them that, “Hogwarts is hidden, everyone knows that… well, everyone who’s read Hogwarts, A History.” Later on during that same year, she has to break down the use of Muggle technology inside Hogwarts for Ron, lamenting, “Aren’t you ever going to read Hogwarts, A History?”

She even takes it with her when her, Harry, and Ron set off for the Horcruxes, because it “wouldn’t feel right” if she didn’t have it.

6. When Hermione’s premonition paid off. She knew that Harry’s new Firebolt broomstick had come from Sirius. And when it was later confirmed, she couldn’t help but yell, “Ha!”

7. Then when Hermione figured out Lupin’s secret. Because she is SMART, you guys. She was able to piece two and two together, and realized that Lupin was a werewolf, from Snape’s mysterious potion, to the fact that Lupin disappeared every time there was a full moon. But, she kept the secret to herself, because she’s such a good friend.

8. When Hermione reminds Harry to do something about his scar. Harry’s scar starts hurting. Hermione tells him to do something about it. Harry writes to Sirius about his scar, re: hurting. Hermione is, very politely, like, maybe not alert your godfather who’s in hiding? Because he can’t help. She knew something else was up, and something was — Mad Eye Moody wasn’t really Mad Eye Moody and was instead a Death Eater, Barty Crouch Jr.

9. The no-Disapparate rule. Hermione has had to tell Ron, multiple times, that you can’t Disapparate on the Hogwarts grounds (seriously, Ron, read Hogwarts, A History).

10. How Hermione saw right through Sirius. While hanging out in Grimmauld Place, she mentions that “Sirius gets confused about whether you’re you or your father, Harry,” which is accurate. Everyone is always telling Harry he’s just like his dad, and Sirius can see it. Hermione is the only one who can see just how much Sirius wants Harry to stay with him, to bring James back to life for a little bit.

11. And how Hermione corrected Ron’s homework. She didn’t need to, but she couldn’t help looking over his shoulder while he mislabeled the moons of Jupiter. She even offered to look over his homework while he went to Quidditch practice, prompting Ron to tell her, “Hermione, you are honestly the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and if I’m ever rude to you again—” to which Hermione replied, “I’ll know you’re back to normal.”

12. Then that one time she Confunded Cormac McLaggen. But it was only because he was talking smack about Ron and Ginny, and Hermione didn’t want him on the Quidditch team, OK?

13. Then when Hermione admitted that she didn’t know anything about Horcruxes and then in the next sentence still managed to remind everyone that while she didn’t know about them, she still knew more about them than anyone else. Using her smart deductive reasoning, she realized that they were some sort of advanced Dark Magic (nothing, “I think it’s going to be difficult to get [any] information.” RIGHT AGAIN).

14. Not to mention when Hermione packed like a well-prepared Girl Scout. Using an Undetected Extension Charm, she packed everything. She had “the essentials packed for days, you know, in case [they] needed to make a quick getaway.” Which the trio did.

15. And Hermione’s bad feeling about the Horcruxes. She was the one who suggested they take turns wearing the necklace, fearing that Slytherin’s locket would be too much for one person to bear (she was RIGHT, seeing as how the locket slowly drove them all crazy).

All in a day’s work for Hermione Granger.

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