Here’s what Hermione Granger would look like as a Slytherin

Hermione Granger is through and through a smart and courageous young wizard, so it makes sense that the Sorting Hat placed her in Gryffindor, with the rest of the brave of heart. OK, but what would have happened if she hadn’t been placed in Gryffindor? What happened if she got up to the Sorting Hat and said, “Nah, put me in Slytherin”? The Sorting Hat gives you a choice, you know (well, kinda). Let’s for a second think about Hermione opting for green instead of gold.

One Imgur user just uploaded a brand new, Photoshopped image of Hermione to the site. They’re calling the enhanced (with dark magic, probs) photo”Pureblood Slytherin Hermione.” So that must also mean they’ve re-written her story a little bit. She’s no longer from a family of muggle dentists, but instead one of the most dark, and power families in the Wizarding world. Malfoy? Black? Lestrange? Take your pick.

Gone are Hermione’s long honey-brown locks, which are replaced with jet black hair instead. She’s also got piercing blue eyes, too, which seem to say, “I  just opened the Chamber of Secrets, bwahahahaha.”  No more house robe for this girl, either, as now she’s got a Slytherin tie. This is not the Hermione Jean Granger we know and love.

Thankfully, this is all Photoshop and we’ll never meet a full-on evil Hermione in the books (or movies). But now just imagine how different Harry Potter’s life would have been: instead of Hermione always helping him with her wits and smarts, she would have been sitting at a completely different table in the Great Hall, laughing at Malfoy’s bad jokes. Eek, let’s not think too much about it — even though we’d totally read that twisted HP tale.

Image via Imgur and Warner Bros.

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