J.K. Rowling’s sweet tweet to Hermione Granger on the occasion of her birthday

Just because the Harry Potter series is over doesn’t mean the characters stop growing. J.K. Rowling is still celebrating birthdays, and today she posted a tweet in honor of Hermione’s 36th birthday. (Side note: WHOA. I mean, Hermione was basically always a grown-up, but now she’s like a GROWN-UP grown-up.)

J.K., you are such a softie and we love it. We’re sure Hermione Granger, now married to Ron Weasley, mom of Hugo and Rose, and kicking butt and taking names in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, appreciates the well wishes of her creator. J.K. isn’t the only one celebrating Hermione’s birthday today. All over Twitter, people are sending the cleverest witch of them all their love.

Happy birthday, Hermione! Thank you for inspiring us all!


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