Here’s your first look at Margot Robbie ice skating to prep for her Tonya Harding role

It’s one thing for an actor to mentally prepare to play a character. But if that character is a famous ice skater, then that’s a whole other ballgame —or should we say, ice skating routine? Margot Robbie is slated to play the two-time ice skating Olympian, Tonya Harding, in the upcoming 2018 biopic, I, Tonya. Robbie was spotted prepping for her role at a Burbank, CA ice rink and TMZ was there to give us all an inside look at her training progress.

From the video, it looks like Robbie is focusing on nailing down the basics before attempting any triple axels.

A Margot Robbie fan account also shared photos of the actress on the ice. In her ice-encrusted leggings, Robbie looks like she’s perfecting her poise and form.

I, Tonya is being produced by Robbie’s production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, and will be directed by Craig Gillsespie, director of The Finest Hours and Lars and the Real Girl. According to Variety, the film follows Harding through the staging and failure of the planned sabotage against Harding’s main competition, Nancy Kerrigan.

US Weekly shared this throwback video from the 1994 news coverage of the attack.

This story has never been told in a narrative film format, so there is much anticipation surrounding the project and for Robbie’s portrayal of Harding. The Suicide Squad actress will have to train hard for this role, but she seems more than dedicated to the film and Robbie will most likely strive for authenticity.

There have been so many ’90s-inspired movies and TV series in the past year, sometimes it’s hard to remember that it’s the year 2017 and not 1994. But we’re not mad about it. We’re pumped to see Robbie tackle the role of Tonya Harding.

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