Here’s how to write a book like Anna Kendrick

Expert red panda impersonator and star of Pitch Perfect 1, 2, and 3 (fingers crossed), Anna Kendrick is writing a book of essays that will be published in Fall 2016. While this feels like eons away to those of us who want it in our hands right this second, a little over a year is a pretty short amount of time to summon up personal experiences and then organize them in a coherent fashion. Anna admitted to Time in a recent interview that she’s learning about the art of writing as she goes along.

“Obviously I’m hoping to find my own voice, by having never written anything before, I’m not sure what to expect,” she said. “But it’s going to be fun. Part of me is like, ‘Yeah! I’m writing a book… if I can.’ Is that something I can do? I’ll find out.”

I’ll argue with you there, Anna. You have written a ridiculous number of hilarious tweets.

Of course, writing a whole book is different than sharing thoughts and stories that are only 140 characters long. It’s brave (and inspiring) of Anna to try something new, even if she isn’t 100% sure how to accomplish it. Luckily, her book of essays will be autobiographical, and she doesn’t seem to have a problem coming up with material.

It will definitely add up to something – something great! Anna also shared with Time that instead of reaching for abstract ideas, she finds inspiration in “stupid things” that happened to her.

So … how do you write a book like Anna Kendrick? You wing it. You be yourself.

Sounds pretty aca-awesome to us!

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