Here’s why one Oscar winner keeps his Academy Award in the fridge

It’s fun to imagine where you might keep your Oscar should you ever win one. Nobody wants to be too boastful with their golden statues by placing them in everyone’s face. That is, unless you’re Richard Dreyfuss, whose Oscar is currently in his fridge — possibly next to some eggs. Dreyfuss has brought passive-aggressive Oscar bragging to a new level with this one!

This sounds like something Chrissy Teigen would do if hubby John Legend wins another Oscar, and it’s almost more hilarious than Barbra Streisand’s room of awards (which she totally deserves, by the way).

Hey, if you’ve got ’em — flaunt ’em!

Dreyfuss told The Hollywood Reporter his reasoning for putting his Oscar in his fridge, and it actually makes a lot of sense.

"I don't like to brag, but I like everyone to know about it. Sooner or later, I know they are all going to go to the refrigerator."

 Never thought about it like that! *Puts college diploma inside fridge.*

Dreyfuss, 69, obviously has a great sense of humor about his Oscar, which he won for Best Actor in 1978 for the film The Goodbye Girl. That award was the only category in which Annie Hall was nominated and lost that year — but it’s okay, Diane Keaton still won the Oscar for Best Actress and that’s all that matters.

On his win that year, Richard Dreyfuss told THR, “Diane and I never got to talk that night, but I thought it was totally appropriate that Annie Hall won everything it won and that I won what I won. It would’ve been out of balance for Woody to have won Best Actor, but he won everything else.”

We are here for Dreyfuss’ delightful smugness, and we should all probably feel more deserving of our awards and triumphs — and even put proof of them in our refrigerators. When your friends ask about it, just casually say, “Oh that thing? I forgot it was in there. Jelly is on the second shelf.” BAM, got ’em!