Here’s why Facebook may be sending you a check soon

Oh, Facebook, we do love you. You provide us with news, with photos and status updates from our loved ones. You make it so that it’s easy to keep in contact with people who live far, far away. And most recently, Facebook has proved that even if it messes up (hey, it happens), it will make it up to you.

Right now, Facebook is trying to smooth things over with its users after it was caught using photos without their permission — if you were affected, you may receive a $15 check in the mail from Facebook. 1.8 billion have received a check, according to Thrillist. Thrillist states, “The check, which is anything but another viral hoax, is marked with the return address of “Fraley v. Facebook Inc.” So, yes it’s real. And yes, it’s Facebook’s way of saying “sorry.”

In 2013, Facebook was ordered by the court to shell out a whopping $20 million, distributing $9 million to those users who filed a claim.

$15 may not be the most exciting payout, but at least the class action lawsuit filed back in 2011, Fraley v. Facebook Inc., resulted in some sort of justice. Facebook landed in hot water after some sponsored posts used names and profile pictures without user permission.

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