Is there going to be another ‘Sex and the City’ movie? Here’s what we know about this undying dream

Sex and the City is *such* an iconic show. So iconic, in fact, that most of us spend (yes, still) a lot of time wondering: Is there going to be another ‘Sex and the City’ movie? It’s a fair question! We’ll never stop missing the four uber-fashionable women at the heart of the series, our favorite fictional NYC-dwelling, fancy cocktail-drinking, serial-dating BFFs. It’s been over a decade since the show aired its final episode on TV – February 22nd, 2004, to be exact, but who’s counting? – and over six years since we last saw our fave ladies in Sex and the City 2. And yet we’re all ~still~ regularly debating whether Carrie royally effed up by choosing suave Mr. Big over good guy Aidan (yet again) in the end.


Personal SATC opinions notwithstanding, we’ve been dying for news of a third movie for years now. Since no one from the cast or crew has really straight-up shot down our hopes and dreams, they’ve allowed the hope to keep on lingering — because straight up confirmation or denial aside, the franchise’s stars have said a lot.

Pretty much from the moment the second movie premiered in 2010, there’s been talk of the third. Many die-hard fans want it, bad; others feel that it’s time to let the iconic foursome go.

I, for one, think there’s plenty of story potential to be mined from four now-mature women having and maintaining romantic relationships. Revisiting the SATC ladies now, after all this time, would open up so many new and fun storylines to be told. Especially because Carrie Bradshaw herself is totally open to the idea of a return in some form.

But are we actually any closer to a new Sex and the City movie? Let’s investigate.

Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big himself, is pretty unambiguously not into the idea of another sequel.


While we all could probably watch the Carrie-Big on-again/off-again/on-again-again relationship cycle through until the end of time, Noth has straight-up said (multiple times) that the terrible reviews for the second movie destroyed any hope of the franchise continuing on. His exact words, to New York Magazine back in 2010, were, “The franchise is dead. The press killed it.” Yikes.

Even as of late, in the recent boom of Netflix reboots, he doesn’t have much hope for a return to Carrie Bradshaw’s New York, telling AMNY this summer that “If it was going to happen, it would have happened five years ago.” Sad face.


Big’s on-screen other half, Carrie Bradshaw’s Sarah Jessica Parker, has always seemed more inclined to return to her Manolo-rocking role, but firmly does not want to get anyone’s hopes up.

SJP has always maintained that there’s always a chance that the franchise could return and, less than a year after the second film debuted, said she’d be down to return to her iconic role if a third movie did materialize down the road, in five years or so.

On the flip side, she’s also always said that she’d be fine to leave it where they left off. But then just last month, Parker said that there’s “always a possibility, definitely” and that she doesn’t think any of the cast would say no to returning. So, to sum up: There are (supposedly) no discussions about it happening now, but they could totally happen later. Eep!

Beyond Big and Carrie, the other main cast members are split on whether they’re ready to return to the SATC world or to let it go completely. Kristin Davis and John Corbett aren’t quite ready to let the dream die.


Carrie’s other great love Aidan (John Corbett) is 100% certain that a third Sex and the City movie should happen, according to what he told HuffPost Live in August – but he doesn’t believe his character would be in it because he thinks “Aidan’s also moved on.” Kristin Davis was equally eager for a new film, as of early 2015, saying, “I think we’d all like to do it again. We want to do it!

But Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall are a bit more lukewarm about it.


Nixon gave the only definitive answer when asked if she’d be stepping back into Miranda’s shoes back when she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter in 2012: “No, no. I think we had a wonderful ride. I think it’s fine to let it go.” But as recently as March of this year, Nixon’s tune had changed a bit – she said that “if Michael Patrick King [producer] thought there was a story there that he wanted to write and tell” she “would love to do it.”

Cattrall earlier said she was at peace with the fact that the franchise was over and, like Noth, thought that if it was going to happen it would have already, ~but~ back in June she did say that a third movie “could be fun” and that “[t]o say goodbye completely to Samantha would be pretty hard.” Um, it’s pretty hard for us to imagine too! We love the world of the beloved series and especially the bond between the four long-time friends at the heart of it.


Though there’s clearly nothing officially in the pipeline yet, we’ll be here, waiting, in case the stars ever do align and allow a return to the world of Carrie Bradshaw & Co.