Here’s what Robert Pattinson thinks about a “Twilight” reboot

Reboots are big these days. While rumors have been swirling for some time, Robert Pattinson spoke up about a Twilight reboot when asked by Yahoo! Movies just the other day. It might seem a little soon, but it’s actually been five years since the last movie hit theaters. Time flies when you’re not actively waiting around for another Twilight film.

The question was asked to Pattinson’s on-screen love (and real life ex-girlfriend) Kristen Stewart back in 2015, and she was all for it.

Of course, she planned on watching from the audience — her days of playing Bella Swan are long over. (Plus, the 27-year-old might not be interested in playing a teen anymore.)

"I'm always kind of curious," Pattinson said about the possible reboot. "Anything where there's a mass audience—or seemingly an audience for it—I always like the idea of subverting people's expectations. There could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It's always difficult when there's no source material."

 Good point. Even though reboots are often pretty similar to the original work, this one could easily go off track a bit and explore the worlds of Bella and Edward Cullen in ways that author Stephenie Meyer didn’t.

Pattinson, unlike Stewart, didn’t necessarily rule out the idea of playing Edward once again. But we have a feeling that he’ll probably choose another project first. In fact, it seems like Pattinson is kind of enjoying being out of the spotlight a little bit.

"I'm doing more parts that just sort of interest me, while in a lot of ways taking a little bit of a step back just to learn and get better," he said.

Whether or not he’s on board, we’d definitely be interested in seeing what a Twilight reboot would be like. Whoever would replace Stewart and Pattinson would definitely have big shoes to fill.

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