Here’s what Lady Gaga had to say about Ed Sheeran quitting Twitter

Just the other day, Ed Sheeran made the news when he said that he’d be abandoning Twitter due to the increased amount of trolls and negativity. And while we were shocked, Lady Gaga has Sheeran’s back regarding the social media site. She truly knows how intense the criticism can get.

During an interview with The Sun, Sheeran noted that “I go on it and there’s nothing but people saying mean things.” While looking at Sheeran’s account, it looks like a majority of posts are cross-posts from his Instagram. In his eyes, it’s tough to have a conversation — or even figure out why people seem to not support his career — with a limited use of characters.

Gaga seems to know exactly where Sheeran is coming from. The singer posted a photo of the two on Instagram along with some supportive words.

"I wish all people on the internet would be positive and loving and apart of creating an online community that is kind and empowering, not hateful and mean," she wrote. "No reason to tear down an artist simply because they are on top."

We have a feeling that that’s where a lot of the bullying is coming from. Sheeran has had a heck of a year, with the release of his latest album Divide, and an upcoming role on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Gaga has always strived to put an end to online bullying. With her Born This Way Foundation, she continuously tries to take away the stigma of mental illness, and create a loving environment for the youth of today.

While we totally understand why Sheeran decided to silence his account, we hope that the move makes online bullies think twice. Just because someone is in the spotlight doesn’t mean that they can’t have their feelings hurt.

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