Here’s what Justin Timberlake has to say about his very first Oscar nomination

He’s no stranger to awards shows, but no doubt about it, he’s definitely more of a Grammy guy than an Oscar guy. In fact, this is the first year that Justin Timberlake has been nominated for an Oscar, and despite his many past accolades, it’s a big deal.

Even though Timberlake has starred in a few films before (The Social Network, anyone?) it was actually his hit song for the movie Trolls that earned him the nomination this year. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, since “Can’t Stop The Feeling” was the most downloaded song of 2016.

Timberlake actually had a big hand in putting together the movie soundtrack. Not only was he the executive music producer, but he created a bunch of the songs that helped the movie reach the level of success that it did.

"I was recovering from a late night at the studio so when I woke up there was a whirlwind of emails and texts, but my wife broke the news to me which was even sweeter," Timberlake said to Deadline in regards to the nomination.

Timberlake even mentioned that the nomination was a bit surreal. Obviously, he knew the song meant a lot to people (in fact, it was his son Silas who inspired it) but an Oscar nomination is definitely a huge deal.

"I’m really humbled by the whole thing," Timberlake said. "I think most of all, I was excited the whole year that people responded to the song. Now more than ever we need something that puts a kick in someone’s step and unites us through a good feeling. I think that is what I was always most happy about that it gives people a good feeling."

In case you still haven’t heard the hit song, know this: It definitely brings good feelings. In fact, you might want to strap on your dancing shoes before you hit play.

Whether or not Timberlake wins or loses, at least he’ll know that he created a song that truly brings out a smile.

"For the Academy to recognize this song? Wow. Yeah, I’m pinching myself," Timberlake mentioned.

Throughout his many hits, both solo and with ‘N Sync, it’s amazing that he’s still so humble about his work. That’s just one of the many reasons why we love him.

Check out the Oscars on February 26th to see if Timberlake takes home the win!

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