Here’s what Jessica from the “Daily Affirmation” viral video is up to today

If you’re a fan of adorable and inspirational videos, we’re willing to bet you’ve watched Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation” video about a million times already. If you need a little reminder, you may recall a precious four year-old girl standing on top of her sink and staring at herself into the mirror, happily talking about all of the good things in her life. The little cherub is thankful for her family, her house, her friends, and so on and so forth. Along with seeming one hundred percent genuine and natural, the video sends a touching message about gratitude and finding your own happiness. It’s no surprise, then, that the video went positively viral.

Interestingly, the little girl in the video, Jessica, was not four years old at the time the video went viral. She was actually already twelve! As she tells Refinery29,I think if I’d been older or younger, I would’ve had more fun with internet fame.  But I was so shy back then and really caught off guard by the whole thing.” Now, Jessica is a pretty normal young adult. As she told Refinery29, she is now a sophomore at Southern Methodist University where she studies Political Science and Business Management.

Is she still starting her days with affirmations of happiness, or has life gotten her down? In her own words, Jessica explains, “I can’t tell you how many times people have said I should re-create the video now that I’ve had time for life to suck the happiness out of me. That’s just not realistic for me. I don’t stand on the bathroom counter these days, but that video’s still a good representation of who I am.”

When Refinery29 prompted Jessica to make some new daily affirmations, it took her no time at all to tell them she still like her whole life, including her friends, family, sorority, clothes, and books. Seems like Jessica is pretty darn normal, and still pretty darn optimistic and genuine.